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In Thuringia, a unique combination of striking German history and magnificent landscapes can be discovered in a confined space. Historical personalities found the freedom to be creative in Thuringia. In authentic locations, our visitors can access their thoughts and work, be inspired themselves and experience history in a very unique way. Thuringia’s Nature offers peace of mind and tranquility in five nature parks, two UNESCO biosphere reserve and one national park.

Thuringia Tourist Board has been the tourism marketing organization of the Free State of Thuringia since 1996. We are your competent partner for your program in Thuringia.

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Towns, Cities and Culture

Awake your curiosity

Always looking for the hidden gem around the corner? Thuringia’s towns and cities many be your choice of a travel destination! Thuringia’s state capital Erfurt will surprise you! As a crossroad of important trade routes in the Middle Ages, Erfurt grew into a powerful trade and university city. Today you can visit one of the best preserved city centres in Germany. But Erfurt shines with more than carefully restored Renaissance and half-timbered houses, numerous churches, the cathedral of St. Mary and the fortress Petersberg. Many attractions and activities make the stay unforgettable: be it the beer garden next to the river, the life music in a traditional German ‘Kneipe’ or the shopping on a medieval bridge. The secret of Erfurt? The mixture of history and serenity.

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For the love of culture

If you are a culture lover who likes to dig deeper, you will love Weimar! Weimar – town of the big German names. German classics like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller, the musicians Johann Sebastian Bach and Franz Liszt, as well as the pioneers of Bauhaus and Modernism Henry van de Velde and Walter Gropius were only a few of the famous residents of Weimar. Their heritage: museums, castles, garden and lordly parks as well as sites of the Bauhaus School. The majority of these historical facilities belong to the UNESCO World Heritage. But Weimar does also look into the future: The exhibition in the newly opened Bauhaus Museum in Weimar gets to the bottom of the question “How do we want to live?” Visitors await a charming town with a variety of culture, street cafés and restaurants and small, creative shops.

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Truly fascinating

Have you ever stood in a place that fuelled your imagination? Thuringia’s castles and palaces have the potential to do the same with you. One of them maybe more than the others: Wartburg Castle. It’s the epitome of a German castle and full of history, stories and legends. Standing on a mountain top surrounded by dark trees of the Thuringian forests it requires a little effort to get up there. It is worthwhile, however. This is the place where the ‘War of Minstrels’ took place that Richard Wagner immortalised in his Tannhäuser opera, it is where Saint Elisabeth lived her short but momentous life and where Martin Luther translated the New Testament. The Castle is mystic and majestic and thoroughly Thuringian.

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Nature and Active

Feel the pulse of Nature

There are regions in Thuringia where you can stand alone in the middle of a forest and all you can hear is bird calls and the wind in the trees. Hiking takes you through unspoilt Nature, cosy villages and historical sites. Like on the Rennsteig – the classic among all Thuringia hiking trails on the ridge of the Thuringian Forest. Unexpected treats in Thuringia include views of distant galaxies in the Rhön Star Park, where there is no artificial light. The primeval beech forests of the Hainich embrace you with their natural wilderness, the upper Saale valley takes your breath away with dramatic river landscapes, and the peaks of the Thuringian Forest provide for panoramic views. Slowing you down in a positive way – that’s what Thuringia’s nature can do for you.

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Social Commitment / Green Travel

A diverse landscape with hills of nearly 1000 metres, endless forests, the UNESCO World Heritage Nationalpark Hainich, nature parks and biosphere reserves, countless rivers, lakes and water dams: This all and much more is Thuringia. Rightly so, Thuringia is also called the "green heart of Germany".

Nature is allotted a special significance in Thuringia and is highly valued and protected as a recreational area. Many sustainable projects have been established in recent years. Dedicated regions, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Hainich National Park, provide sustainable mobility concepts as well as environmentally friendly offers and experiences. In an initiative for quality standards, 14 Hainich partners from the hotel and catering industry have been certified successfully with clear sustainability criteria. Other Regions, such as the Thuringian Forest Biosphere Reserve, also offer unique opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in Nature; like guided herbal walks with the “humpback pharmacist” and herbal schools with cooking classes and cosmetics manufacture.

With a ICE-Hub of the Deutsche Bahn in Erfurt, Thuringia is easily reached from all parts of Germany in a environmentally friendly way.

Barrier-free Travel

Accessible travel means travelling with quality and comfort. Not only people with physical or mental disabilities take advantage of accessibility. Families with pushchairs, heavy luggage and the elderly profit from it, too. Many Thuringian stakeholders have joined forces with the Thuringian Tourist Board to set out on the path of “ComfortThinkers”. Since then, detailed information on accessible services has been available to visitors. Many touristic service providers were certified with the “Travel for All” national labeling system. A special barrier-free destination is the Thuringian state capital, Erfurt. It is a member if the AG Barrier-Free Travel Destinations of Germany.

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